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HoverRace development has moved to GitHub.

The HoverRace Trac System

HoverRace is an online racing game originally written by Grokksoft in the mid-1990s. After Grokksoft stopped maintaining the game in the late 1990s, HoverRace was abandonware for a number of years before the original developer, Richard Langlois, opened up the source code to the public. Since then, development has been ongoing to bring HoverRace into the 21st century.

For Developers

  • GitHub - check out the current version of the HoverRace code

For Players

For Testers

  • ReportingBugs - simple guidelines on effectively finding and reporting bugs

For Translators


  • 2008.12.20: HoverRace 1.23.1, a bugfix release for 1.23, was released today. It fixes the critical bug that causes HoverRace to crash after using the automatic track downloader.
  • 2008.11.24: Today, after hard work on Intro.avi (I can't believe it took so long!), I checked in the final copy and tagged the HoverRace 1.23 release. This is a huge milestone for this game... since this is the first official HoverRace release in (correct me if I'm wrong) over 10 years. Hopefully another release will be soon in the coming with all sorts of improvements. Thanks to everyone who has helped this project out in whatever way! - Ryan